26 March 2011

stage ten complete

I'm packed. Phew! I sighed at the task from the moment I woke up and looked around my messy room. It was a long day to wrap it all up. What's coming with me has been put into my big suitcase with space to spare. It has been weighed and measured and has not been found wanting. Just under the 20kg mark without refining. The rest of my possessions have been culled, sorted and packed away in boxes and space bags and squished into a few cupboards and storeroom space at my parents.

I was a little nervous at the beginning of the day as my task was to finalise everything. This is it. After three years of planning, my home town is being left behind. I'm off to Sydney for a few days and then the adventure takes flight. Farewell!

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Susan said...

Hope it goes really well and that you get a chance to update your blog, though I know this may be difficult while you are in the UK.

I was actually born in England - a long time ago! I moved to Australia when I was six.