14 March 2011

stage eight complete

Celebrations!!! I have a job! Joy and relief. I know where I'm going and what I'll be doing before I take off on my flight to the UK. Oh it's been a drama seeing this stage complete! I had hoped it would come much earlier. It's been an anxious experience of family matches I don't like, ones I do, emails and waiting for replies, interviews, waiting, families I've been very interested in deciding on a different source of childcare help, waiting and waiting and emailing... you get the picture. I finally thought I had a job last week and then there were hiccups (involving more emailing and waiting) and today I finally received the good news. *happy ^^ sigh*

So I finish up work in Australia in 2 weeks, spend some time in Sydney with my brother and his family and then fly out to England on 30th March. Then I start my new job. I'm going to be living in the county of Kent (the closest part to France) near Canterbury. I will be working alongside a full time mum as a Mother's Help* to assist her with the care of her 2.5yo daughter and 5mth old twin boys. That should keep me busy. Ü

*Just to clarifly...
AuPair--It's a cultural exchange where you help for 25-30hrs a week with the kids.
Mother's Help--A job where you typically work 35-45hrs a week alongside the mother.
Nanny--A job that's more professional than the rest with sole care and more responsibilities.
Each position is better paid than the one before it. I'm glad to have a Mother's Help position as it's an actual job rather than a helpful cultural exchange.

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