29 March 2011

family outing in Sydney

Sunday is family fun day in Sydney meaning travel is cheap. So we all went into the city for an adventure--especially as I'm about to leave the country.

We caught the train in and walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I let Ben snap away with my camera. See him taking the photo and the photo he took? See the rain coming in over the Opera House??

Yeah, good thing we took our umbrellas. We stopped for a while under the second tower to shelter from the rain and then continued on. With another short train ride and a bit of a walk we went and experienced the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

Such a beautiful place! I loved the penjing (more commonly known by the Japanese term Bonzai). Amazing. They had little scenes. My favourite was the one on the middle left in the pic. An island with full grown mini trees with a bridge to another island with a mini village. We had fun exploring--so many winding paths covered in with trees and bushes--and taking photos.

The kids particularly loved the fish. Can't you tell? The dragon pole had the Chinese year-animals on it and I said it's currently the year of the rabbit. So they searched for the rabbit.

I just loved all the rocks and water and greenery. The rocks were the most interesting shapes. So tranquil. Wish I had stopped a bit longer just to take it all in but I was too busy taking photos and exploring the next section. There's quite a lot packed in to a small area.

There were a few lizards that were out on the rocks in the Lake of Brightness. We also found this carriage made of jade so intricately carved. Apparently the only one outside of China or something like that. The Chinese Gardens were well worth the visit. I'm really glad we went.

Boy it was nice to sit down for the train ride home. Our feet were sore from all that walking. It was a great afternoon out. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all that we saw and taking a last adventure with family before I head to England for a few years.

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