25 March 2011

stage nine complete

I'm currently inbetween jobs. I finished up work yesterday...with a busy day. It was all good though. I accomplished much. We ate a little white chocolate cake at one job for a farewell. Yum. And my boss and workmates said some things that are lovely to hear. I was much appreciated. At my nanny job it was a lengthy goodbye. The boys got completely distracted with the masks I got them. Particularly the Buzz and Woody ones. I had to actually ask after a good five minutes if they wanted to open the rest of the present. The five year old actually had more of clue of what was going on but I don't think the younger ones really understood that I was leaving and not coming back for a long time. I scored lots of hugs from the 2yo yesterday though so may be had the feeling something was going on. It was sad to say goodbye to them. I got to experience a lot with that family--the 2yo being 1mth when I started and the family adding a fourth child while I was working with them. I'd said goodbye to the other family I worked with earlier in the week.

So all work is done. Those jobs are over. My new one starts in one week. In England!!

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