11 January 2011

icecream on pasta

Yes it's wierd but there is a reasonable explaination. You see, it's my sister-in-law's fault. :P She came across some chocolate pasta and bought it for me for Christmas. Yes, you read it right. CHOCOLATE pasta! The directions said to cook it for 5-7mins, drain it well and add icecream. So I did.

However, I wasn't as impressed as I was imagining I would be. It taste like plain pasta with a bit of a chocolate flavour. Understandable really. When it comes to cooking the remainder of the pasta I think I'll try it with a creamy marshmallow sauce with stirred through berries.


Kylie said...

We haven't tried our packet yet (I wanted to wait until after Christmas so that Matt wouldn't tell you all about it!)

I was thinking of adding hot chocolate fudge/chocolate sauce and maybe some fresh or frozen berries... What do you think?

kelgell said...

It definitely needs a bit of sauce of some kind. Your idea sounds yum. ^^