04 January 2011

day trip gift

My friend, Heather, gave me a voucher for Christmas. It said, "Overseas adventures are fun but since I can't go with you I want to have our own little adventure before you go." Or something along those lines. So on Sunday afternoon we drove off on our mini adventure.

First we visited the St Kilda Markets. It was quite a lovely day for it and it was nice to stroll along looking at things. I wasn't too impressed though. It was just some stalls alongside the road and didn't seem to have much of a market feel. I did find a little something to treasure though. It was a cheap but interesting ring. The bead is black with slight sparkles in it which makes me think of the night sky.

After the markets we went for a short drive and found somewhere to buy milkshakes. Caramel ones. Then we had a nap. He he. We must be getting old for a daytrip to include this. We went and ordered some chips and hamburger and took them to the main event.
In the city gardens we laid out our picnic rug and set ourselves up and waited for the dark to come. That's when they start showing the movie at the Moonlight Cinema.

Here the screen is just starting to blow up in front of the waiting crowd.

Still waiting. It took two hours from gate opening to get dark enough. My bum was quite sore during the movie. We didn't hire the bean bag loungers.

With city lights in the background, we watched Eat Pray Love. I found it quite an interesting movie with lots of one liners to get you thinking. Interesting concepts. I'll have to watch it again some time to remember all the quotes. One I found at the St Kilda markets will be a good one for me to remember: Worry is a waste of imagination.
Thanks Heather for a lovely gift. It was great to spend this time with you and do something I haven't done before. Memories to treasure. ^^

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