28 August 2010

the wet

March 2008>> I took a walk across our local lake with family. Years of drought had completely sucked our lake dry. The lake bed cracked and solid to walk on and looking more like a paddock or field. That sun does look wonderful though. Oh the warmth! Mmm.

August 2010>> It's been a wet year. Most rain in 20years or so I think and it's not over yet. They've also routed some drains to run to the lake to help restore this recreational area. I took this photo this morning. You can see the same boatsheds and buildings as the first pic (just...) from a slightly different angle. And the black swans are back and breeding again too. Nice to see.


Susan said...

This is sooo good to see!

We were in Ballarat in Feb 2009 for Trav's wedding and there was a fire in that lake!

Esther said...

I remember the day of that first picture. In fact, I think I took the photo. It's definetely nice to see water there and to see the swans are back.

My Mum said she heard there are 70 pairs of swans breeding there this season. I imagine it will look very different when we come down in October. I'm looking forwards to it, but I'm glad we had the chance to walk across when it was dry.


amazing photos - this weekend there is going to be even more rain, rain, rain!

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David said...

Wow...the lake has water in it again! Looking forward to seeing it when I come down in 3 weeks =)