01 August 2010

wait...I've grown?

There's been a few situations lately where I've found myself commenting on someone's behaviour or response and expressing my distaste only to have my listener respond with something like, "Yeah but he's still young. He's only 20."

When did I grow up??

It's wierd to consider... Looking back on the last ten years--it's been that long since I was 20 years old--not a whole lot appears to have changed. I'm still single and still finding my way. I'm not settled into a career nor do I have any great plan laid out on the table for my future albeit I have spent a year living overseas and am making moves to take off again next year. Due to my lifestyle, usually more in sync with my younger friends than the ones my age who are building careers and getting married, I often forget that I'm actually that much older than these 20 year olds.

Yet as I reflect on my life in the light of these recent situations I've commented on, I take note of the fact that I have indeed grown. I've been learning from the various experiences I've lived through and I've gained a wider range of years of perspective. I'm more mature-minded than I used to be even though I'm still quite practised at undisciplined and lazy.

I suppose it's the same with all living things; most growth is subtle.

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Tab said...

It doesn't happen overnight... but it will happen. Unfortunately we are all getting older and crankier :) Or maybe fortunately!