11 August 2010

stage two complete

Wow! Already. I was expecting this stage to take longer to come around. Stage two was the interview with Smart AuPair which I had this afternoon. I had a skype conversation with someone in Adelaide around some internet hiccups. The connection wasn't too great and half way through my laptop froze so I had to jump on dad's computer. I didn't bother trying my internet at home coz it's hopeless in the evenings. I got some of my own questions answered and answered lots of hers. It was pretty casual and we had a good chat and she said she was happy to accept me into the program.

She also said, "Just a curious question, did you know there's a well-known hotel over there called the Gellert Hotel?"
I replied, "Yeah, in Hungary right? My dad's looked it up before. Looks quite fancy."
It would be fun to go and stay there. He he.

So now the next stage in my overseas journey is completing an online course with Smart Aupair and reapplying for my passport and waiting for family matches to come for consideration.

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