03 February 2009

frugality or beauty

I realised something today. Actually I've been thinking about it for a while but I realised it more definitely today. I'm a bargain hunter at heart and with the past 12 months being quite tight financially, I've been practicing being frugal and I can do it quite well. I decided last year that as I love journals/diaries it's worth getting nice ones that I get excited about using coz they're beautiful. Today I was shopping for a container to put my fabric in. I had in mind to get something beautiful and I'd spotted some that would do well. Square woven baskets. But as I do, I looked around a bit at other options. My dilemma came when I came across an appropriate, ordinary, rectangular, plastic container that was half the cost. The battle between frugality and beauty raged for about five minutes as I wavered in what I should do. Finally I decided--not completely sure--to go with beauty. Sure, it cost a little more but the square woven baskets turned out to be perfect and I'm very happy with my choice. My folded fabric looks beautiful sitting in them.
Now I've come to believe it's important to surround myself with beauty and not always be so frugal. Beauty is inspiring...for creativity and for happiness. You can check out my choice at my kelgell creations blog.

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