11 February 2009

on ya aussies

The cricket match between the Aussies and the New Zealanders yesterday was declared a bushfire appeal match. I heard that a portion of the gate entries would be given, the aussie cricketers donated their entire match fees, both teams put the shirts off their backs (signed of course) up for auction (most going for thousands), volunteers (including players whist not on the field) rattled donation tins and the Commonwealth Bank gave $100 for every run and $5000 for every six hit. All this put together this One Day International match raised over $6million!! Way to go Aussies--and those who aren't Aussies who gave!
The Australian cricket team are taking a detour to Whittlesea (part of Melbourne) to visit the major bushfire scene and spend some time helping the people where they can for a few hours. Then they are off to Brisbane for the decider match--having managed to win the last two games after a dismal start in the five match ODI series against New Zealand. Go Aussies!!

New note: Through the Red Cross people have donated almost $5o million!!!

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