11 June 2012

life's bendy path

Have you noticed how life never stays still? Ok, sometimes it feels a little mundane like you're strolling across the Nullabor Plain but other times it feels like you're riding a bus that's hurtling along some windy mountain pass. Whatever kind of road it feels like, life just keeps right on rolling on.

This two year UK part of my journey has sure been full of adventures. And it's not ceasing yet. Recently it's felt like a bit of a winding mountain pass. A number of significant changes are taking place. Some expected. Some unexpected.

Boy two joined the family by planned c-section in mid May. Very strange to know exactly when he was coming but it's been delightful to be a part of this occurance. He's settling in quite well and his big brother is quite happy with him giving lots of kisses and cuddles.

This past weekend has got me thinking about the changing program of my life particularly. I went to a farewell for some friends who's visas are up. It's a coming fate for a lot of us here in London. Farewell and best wishes for whatever life holds for you guys next. Makes me consider the remaining length of my own visa and what do I want to do before it gets here.
I have another farewell in a couple of weeks.

And then there's the unexpected change that's taking place. My boss and her husband have decided not to extend my contract meaning I finish up this job at the end of August. I had assumed and settled into the idea I was here till my visa ran out so it came as a bit of shock. They've been a most wonderful family to work with and I'm sad to be leaving but I agree with them that this is a wise decision for them. They will need a new nanny beyond my visa and changing in September means the mum is still around on maternity leave to help the boys adjust to the change. A little inconvenient for me but at least that gives me a six month block beginning at the start of a new school year. That is probably the second best option leaving me with a reasonable opportunity to find some more work for the remainder of my visa. They had considered this, they told me, also assuring me that it is no reflection on me. Their thoughtfulness towards me has been such a blessing.

This kind of change I struggle with. Though at least this time I have two and half months to prepare for it. But after a talk to mum and a talk with God I came to this conclusion: Here comes another adventure.

These two years in the UK were always intended to be that way. And not all adventures are planned. In fact, some of the best ones aren't.

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Claire Ekayapan said...

Love reading your blog Kelly!! Best of luck with your next adventure! Looking forward to reading all about it! :)