08 April 2010

truck entertainment

I was entertained by trucks today. First, I arrived at work this morning to a trailer from a B-double truck lying down. Pretty sure they're not meant to do that .. ha ha. Found out shortly after it was a big load of plaster for us. D'oh. Kept hanging out by the window throughout the morning to see the latest progression of getting it back on its wheels. (No one hurt of course. The rest of the truck was fine too.)
Then some nanny work this arvo and the neighbours are building. The boys particularly were very excited. We watched with interest while I explained what was happening to the oldest. Cement poured from the cement truck into the other and then pumped along the long arm so the men can put it in the holes. Made work a bit easier for me with the trucks doing the entertaining.


Tab said...

Yay for trucks :)

Esther said...

Tim and Ben want to know 'why' and 'how' the truck tipped over. Typical boys. Have to know all the technical details.

kelgell said...

Well we assume that the truck pulled over and went to do a U-turn to get back to our driveway and turned too sharply. It was only the trailer on a b-double that tipped...as in a semi with an extra trailer. We all just arrived to work with it already on its side.