11 April 2010

party planning

Next month I'm going to celebrate my completing 30 years of life with a 1920s party! Planning is underway and I'm very excited. I have a dress pattern and material to make my party dress, the hall is booked and loads of ideas are swimming in my head. I thought I'd share some fashion pics sketched by John Peacock in his fashion sourcebook "The 1920s" that I borrowed from the local library.

Click on a pic for a bigger squiz!

The 1920s was a decade of lighthearted entertainment and frivillous fun after the drudgery of World War I (until the Great Depression hit in 1929) so it should be a fun and boisterous party!

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Esther said...

I really wish we could come to your party. I have thought about it (very seriously) but unfortunately our church camp is the same weekend and it's closer and we really want to go to it too.