26 March 2010

battle of the easter eggs

You would think us all sweet and innocent at the Parish homegroup. Not if you know us though. Crazy suits us better. Ha ha ha. ^^ We enjoy a good feed and unstructured roudiness on the last night for the term and last Tuesday was no different. Except the battle that broke out...

It was all Danielle's fault. She started it.
And it turned into a full scale battle...stand off style. Winner fights on.
The rules:
You must balance a foil covered chocolate easter egg on your head.
No nesting.
(That is, no covering the egg with your hair to hold it in place better.)
No touching the egg or your opponents head.
The aim:
Make your opponents egg fall first.

Bad move Nathan. No hope now.

All sorts of tactics were tried. Some worked some didn't. Needless to say there was laughter all round as some fought for a bit of fun and others fought for glory. Crazy, I tell ya. But fun!

1 comment:

Tab said...

I would have won that easy. Dreads have good friction.