03 January 2010

Happy 2010!

It's another new year! Another one marked off and a whole yearful of unknown opportunities ahead. What will this year hold for me? Firstly, *sigh* I need to find more work. Hopefully a part time job with enough hours to quit some of my casual work. Looking for work is never easy or fun so hopefully I'll just come across something really soon. I can dream right?? For the eventful stuff my year holds...I become an aunty again (for the 7th time) in around a month providing the kid doesn't decide to come early. I will also turn 30 in May. It's my golden year this year. 30 on the 30th!! I plan to see out my 20s with a Roaring 20's party. Fun ideas rolling around in my head. But man, where has all that time gone! There's also three weddings coming--one of which is my own younger brother. I'm not sure what else out of the normal my year holds but I hope it contains gaining a better perspective on life and a better grasp on living it. I hope it contains growth mingled with lots of laughter and fun. And I hope God and I figure out our relationship and can enjoy it more fully again.

I hope for you that 2010 holds lots of laughter and fun and adventures that make you feel alive. I wish you a yearful of health and happiness. Have a great one!

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