12 January 2010

hangin' out with friends

Dave and Jasmin were down over Christmas so after church on Sunday we had lunch at the gardens and just hung out and chatted. Well, the guys played a bit of make-shift "cricket" and later went and kicked a footy around for a while.

Also went on a daytrip to Melbourne with Heather the other day. School holidays means we get the chance to play together. ^^ Yay! It was a stinking hot day, not that it bothered us much. We were shopping in the air conditioned centres. We had shopping success too. I got a funky diary which was the intent of going plus a particular present I'd been sent on an errand for and a few other little things along the way. Heather spent a fair bit more though she claimed she was intending on getting these things anyway. We indulged in Max Brenner chocolate drinks and a sundae. Oh oh YUM!!! So richly delicious. And it was nice to take it easy and ride the train there and back.

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