21 December 2009


My, my. It's been an eventful day and it's only just past noon!! I've already had a bit of a cry and a few chuckles. I'm sure thankful for fast, automatic reflexes. At work this morning the 4yo was playing with a little slinky and being silly he flicked it at me. Unfortunately for me he was close and it struck me hard in the eye. I grabbed my eye saying that it really hurt. I got up to go check it in the bathroom mirror and the 2yo followed me suggesting a tissue on the way. My eye was ok, appart from the pain and sting of the thud, thanks to those reflexes. Boy, it hurt! Thus the cry. Sort of. My eyes watered though I kept from actually crying. It was sweet to look down and see the serious concern and compassion on the 2yo's face. I smiled at her and told her I would be ok when she asked. I went and found the 4yo. He'd hid. I didn't yell at him coz he obviously realised the seriousness and that he'd really hurt me. I suggested he not flick it at anyone again.
The 4yo later supplied me with a chuckle though. I gave the 2yo a tissue to blow her nose which she did. "No," said the 4yo, "you gotta do a big blow like this." He then did a big blow himself. Only, he didn't have a tissue so he just sent the snot stringing down to the ground. "Eww," I laughed, "I'll get you a tissue too." Ha ha ha.
And call me crazy, but I chuckled when I was almost home too and noticed that the police in the middle of the street were doing random breath tests. They waved a few people through and then stopped me. He he. So I did a breath test...with no worries. Then I drove along two more houses and pulled in. Funny.
So with the weather warmer and waiting for a friend to arrive for our hotdog lunch, today is turning into a pretty fine day. ^^

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Tab said...

I think that it sounds like you handled that with great strength of character. Hope your eye feels better soon!!