17 December 2009


I haven't been hanging out online as much lately, thus the elongated gaps between posts on my blogs. Christmas is almost here and in between the bit of work I have I've been busily working on presents and preparations. Did some more today in fact. That and getting sucked in to the Twilight saga. I finished book one yesterday and couldn't resist starting "New Moon" today. He he.

I wrote myself a to-do list the other week coz I was starting to stress over so many things on my mind that I wanted to do with the shrinking pre-Christmas time. Ahh. I had to remind myself that I certainly did have time to do these things so I wrote a list to help me prioritise and not forget something. It's been a successful help. I've finished and posted parcels and cards, finished some presents and done some baking today. And last Tuesday night was our breakup for home group for the year. We had a Christmas celebration by eating dessert. Delicious. Funny that we ended up with two rocky road icecream cakes. One I made. And I got my Christmas cards and the stars I crocheted done for a little Christmas wish to hand out. It's been so satisfying to cross things off my list and know I'm getting things done. Yay.

Christmas really is just around the corner. One week from tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely time this celebratory season--laugh, have fun, enjoy the delicious food and the wonderful relationships you have in your life. Merry Christmas to you all!

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