26 June 2009

more than a cold

I had such a bad cold last week. It really wiped me out but I still managed to work. If I don't, I don't get paid. This week has been better but there is still the lingering cough and I'm tired. I went to the doctor today and after a bit of look said that I've probably had bronchitis. No wonder I felt so sick. It was more than just a cold.

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Tab said...

Ah the life of a casual worker! I understand completely, having been there most of my working life, and even more so this week. Unfortunately Andrew can not drive [he can not walk actually] and given that his job is driving we will have no income for the week. More than a little scary. Its even more scary in that I can't fill in for him at work, and have no way of supplementing our income either. Hopefully it passes soon. [and our car doesn't get repossessed!]