07 June 2009

hangin' out with family

Ahhh, love hanging out with family. Esther and the kids came down for the weekend and we also went out to Tammy's too. Lots of aunty fun for me. These are just some random pics fun with my lovely family.

Roughing around with the boys at Grandma and Grandpa's. (My mum and dad's.)

Abby made me this great card. Don't I feel special!
Picked up Jasmine at my sister's when I got out there and she looked at me, put her head on my shoulder and was asleep within minutes. Awwww.
Tim takes his move playing Quorridors with Abby, Ben and Auntie Tammy. (Esther and Ezra watching and helping Ben.)
I let the kids run around snapping away with my camera. What fun! Nice snap of the paper aeroplane, Tim looks worried about Australia or something and such a classic of Ben on the treadmill. Such a comic. It wasn't even on.
After some time and a lot of noise Jasmine woke up. Such a cutie. The youngest and oldest of my auntyfiers and my only nieces.

Later big brother, Byron, helped feed Jasmine.