04 June 2009

funny kids

I was looking after two boys the other day and I made them a hot milo. I called to the three year old that it was ready and he came out to the kitchen and climbed up on the stool at the bench. I handed him his milo and he started drinking it straight away.
"Where's your thankyou?" I asked.
He looked up at me and said quite politely, "I don't have it with me today."
Ha ha. Really quite amusing though I told him he better find it quickly. He found it after his next sip.

Then later that day he was drawing on a piece of paper with crayon on the floor. With the carpet underneath the crayon was ripping the paper. After trying to coax him to move to the table with it I finally said, "We'll draw on the table." He then got up with crayon in hand and proceeded to draw on the table.
"NO, draw on the paper! I mean we'll put the paper on the table." He he he. I couldn't tell him off for doing exactly what I said. I must be careful with how I word things.

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