17 February 2013

wednesday walkabout--spitalfield and humming

So this weeks walkabout was actually on Saturday.  Another non-Wednesday I know but on Wednesday my shipping boxes arrived so I was distracted with starting to get my stuff organised.

I headed out late Saturday morning, swinging by McDonald's to try their sausage and egg mcmuffin.  Before I went in I noted to myself that it probably wouldn't be as good as our Australian ones.  Being that the English make their sausages primarily from pork.  It wasn't too bad I suppose but it didn't quite taste right.  I'm looking forward to ordering one when I get home again though.

I took the train to Liverpool Station and went and found Old Spitalfields Market.  It's one of the places my boss has practical told me off for not visiting yet so I thought I'd go.  It was suppose to be the Makers Market this time featuring those who design, make and sell their own stuff.  I'll say straight up I was far from impressed.  I mean, I didn't even bother taking any photos at all.  Whether it was the hype from my boss or my own expectations it didn't come close to meeting my expectations.  They were just your average stalls with the typical stuff found in markets all round London.  There was one stall with twisted cutlery jewellry.  I always love that.  So weird and funky but it was fairly expensive.  It seemed smaller than I was expecting overall too.  Maybe I went too early in the day as some were still setting up but I was expecting more of a buzz.  There wasn't too many people there.  I did however buy a yummy smoothie from an adjoining restaurant.  I didn't stay long.  With a bit of a mobile search I found there was a humming bird bakery nearby which was also on my list. I've heard they have delicious cakes.  So I bought a couple of cupcakes--red velvet and carrot--and took them home. They were delicious too.  Not enough however to justify the price in my opinion.  At least not often.  Still they went down very easily and satisfied my tastebuds. 

Next week's walkabout--which is booked on Wednesday--is bound to be a plus!

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