12 February 2013

no ordinary work day

I went to work today expecting an ordinary day but little did I know that was not going to be the case.  

As soon as I arrived the mum took off for the doctor's.  I relaxed with the almost 12mo boy and we began playing.  Ten minutes later I heard an almighty crash and immediately went investigating.  As I began to wander through the rooms I did think it could have been something falling down in the flat above.  That idea was short lived when I saw a cloud of dust down stairs.  

This was something serious.  When I went down I discovered that about 50% of the ceiling in the parents' bedroom had collapsed.  It was thick plaster too.  Thank goodness no one was in the room, nor in bed.  

I shut the boy in the upstairs lounge and called the dad at work.  I put the boy to sleep upstairs and then went downstairs to air out the dust filled space and thoroughly clean the boy's bedroom.  Dust had settled everywhere downstairs and the mum's pet hate is dust.  I managed to get the boys room, the entrance hall and the stairs all clean and respectable before the mum got home.  Thankfully she'd come home with a friend.  She's had a lot of hard stuff to deal with lately and is struggling and she'd hoped to come home and get some much needed sleep.  She was overwhelmed when she found out she couldn't.  Her friend stayed all day and helped the mum work on clearing out the parents' room. I stayed an extra five hours cleaning and organizing in the boy's room and the kitchen and taking care of the boy.  

Tomorrow is set to be round two as I take up the challenge of an indefinite finishing time to help the down and stressed mum with childcare and more cleaning no doubt.  Hopefully she gets a good sleep one way or another so she feels better able to cope.  And hopefully a good sleep for me too so I can cope with her.  God give me wisdom.

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Viana said...

Gee, it sure did make an amazing mess!!! Hope you all sleep really well tonight. Good luck with the clean up tomorrow!