13 October 2012

snippity snip

In the quietness of the morning, I got myself up and wandered the house.  I found a pair of scissors in the sewing cabinet and decided to experiment.  The cutting of different textures; the fall of freed shreds; the creation of new holes. I snipped my pyjamas.  I snipped the sewing seat.  I snipped my hair.  I was three years old or so I think at the time.  Things haven't changed a lot these days...only I know how to do it more constructively.

Actually I'm not sure if I snipped my hair back then but I did today.  With the ends beginning to get raggedy I'd started pondering the clarity of a fresh cut.  I'd even toyed with the idea of doing it myself.  I'd done it once before.  Today I simply decided I would.
Giving yourself a haircut is not particularly easy.  It's especially awkward doing the back. Two reasons I was happy enough to give it a go. My hair is naturally wavy so it will hide a lot of any unevenness I sculpted in.  (And I avoid straight cuts anyway preferring jagged ends and layers.)  Also, my philosophy is that hair grows.  Whatever I cut off will be back in the near future. As for any drastic disasters, I would simply enlist a skilled hairdresser in a new style.  All in all, after much longer than a professional would take, I think it turned out a-ok.  I straightened my hair so I could see the end lines more plainly and used what mirrors I could position to assist me and made a mess of the bathroom floor.  I've since washed it and am waiting to see how it sits with its natural curvature.  But if I'm pretty happy with the straightened style where the cut is more visible, I think I'll be ok with the natural.  It was a bit of fun and saved me money.  How often do we manage that combo?
And just for reference, here's me at Buckingham Palace last weekend in the fresh, sunlit autumn morning before the snippity snip.


Viana said...

Bahahaha!! I love the start of the post! Totally got me intrigued!

I must say, I can really understand that 3 yr old experimentation... cutting things is the coolest sensation! Have you ever taken a pair of scissors to a cinamon donut? It's so fun :) I love cutting!

Hair looks good!! :)

Anonymous said...

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