07 October 2012

kew the check list

I have a short list of things I want to do before it's time to head home to Australia.  Actually I have two.  One for London To-Dos and the other is for weekend trips.  I started listing things once I hit the six months to go on my visa limitations.  This week I realised was the end of the viewing of the Buckingham Palace tours.  So I shuttled myself off this morning to see if I could snag a ticket to see the State Rooms.  Unfortunately they'd already sold out.  The guy at the gate suggested I start queueing three hours before opening time tomorrow for a final chance to get a ticket.  I settled for another Buckingham Palace snap on this brisk sunny autumn morning.  I'm a little disappointed I missed my chance and it's just something I hadn't got around to doing but not that much to queue that long with no guarantee.  If I'm ever back in London over their summer...
So instead I phoned my friend, Maree, who's staying with me this weekend (she's already done the tour) and met up with her in Stratford to accompany her house viewing.  With her house hunting efforts I'm even more grateful and understanding of the blessings received with my accommodations.  London is not a cheap place to live.  We relaxed after an unsuccessful viewing with lunch and a bit of shopping.  Then we headed all the way  across to the other side of London (for £1.60!) to Kew Gardens.  In Kew Gardens funnily enough.  He he.  
 It was far bigger than I had thought and so relaxing to walk around.  It was lovely to see nature everywhere and walk on the grass after spending the first part of the day walking around the city streets, shopping centres and riding the tube.  It was lovely and sunny still and felt so fresh.

 I made sure we went on the treetop walk as I enjoy a different point of view than normal.  It was nice but barely compares to Australia's Otway Fly.  Ours is superb.  Nice as it was, it was just a little loop.  There was also a bunch of sculptures about by David Nash but it took me a while to realise they were spread out through the gardens.

We ended up stopping to rest our weary feet by the Japanese spot of a garden.  Japanese gardens are so pretty.  And then we caught the tube home again.  A lovely day with a new friend.


smcwilliam said...

A pity you didn't get to tour Buckingham Palace. I had it on my list this summer too, but time just flies!
Kew gardens looks lovely. I have heard of it, but didn't know anything about the gardens. Worth a visit? When do you think is the best time?

kelgell said...

At least you have next summer. Go to Kew Gardens on a sunny day if you can. It quite a big place so make sure you have enough time there. Worth a visit.

Viana said...

The countdown is on!! Can be scary when time is limited and you start writing your lists and realise there is more you want to do than weekends available.

But the lists are great for actually making as many things happen as possible. Bummer that you didn't get to tour the palace, but you've seen and done so many other awesome things... sure you won't miss that one too much :)