20 August 2012

the perfect country week

One of the weeks of the summer holidays we'd planned to spend at the country house. The mum I work for could not have picked a better week to go. It was brilliant weather all week. Real summer heat. And the country house is always a lovely place to be.

I arrived by train and taxi on the Sunday afternoon. That way I had some time to relax and just enjoy it all before I had to start 'work'. I spent the afternoon outside. I sat on the bridge by the pond for the majority--drawing and writing. I also went for a bit of a walk around the property.

The week was filled with all sorts of outdoor time. The mum and the gardener had set up our "beach" with a shade area with outdoor table and chairs and recliner lounges, two boats filled with balls and water and a stash of water shotguns. This area was well used. For the first three days of the week the boy had his best friend stay. (The bf's mum and dad were moving house.) They had so much fun together and they did a bit of squirting each other with the waterguns but mostly played firefighters or watered the trees. We also played in the maze and the playground both there and in the nearby village. They did super well together and only really got in one minor tiff. The baby was there too with a maternity nurse so it was all a pretty happy, cruisy week.

There was a bit of drama when I walked the dog one day though. I took her round the property and into the horse paddock. I decided to give the horses a wide berth but the damn animals were too curious. The pack of them started circling us curious to see this other creature up close and the dog was freaking out. I was worried they'd tread on her and in the end I just let go of her lead figuring she could get away faster without me. My concern however was that she sometimes runs off if she gets the chance. Thankfully I think she was more concerned about getting to safety than exploring. I ran down to the fence and hoped she'd come back so I could let her through the gate and though she tried, the horses cornered her and she fled to the next paddock. I went through the gate and hurried up the other end of the garden and she was eagerly waiting at the next gate. Phew! I would hate to have had to admit the dog ran off because of me. Apparently I did the right thing though in regards to dogs and horses.

It always gets a bit full on and a tad awkward when family friends come to visit who have kids that are ratbags in comparison. That was a tiring day. But as for the rest, they were pretty cruisy. Kids always provide challenges like pracitising tolerance, stretching energy levels and your ability to answer 'why?'. But I also got lots of lovely time with the boy. Lots of cuddles, kisses and 'I love you, Kelly'. I think he knew something was going on though he's only recently been told that I'm leaving soon to help another family look after their baby. It's bitter sweet.

I also stayed the Friday night to watch the opening ceremony of the olympic games with them which were quite spectacular. It was useful watching it with British company because they kept making comments of things that were or related to british things that I wouldn't have got otherwise.

It was a great week of 'work'. Definitely all more relaxing and it was great to be out of the city and into nature.

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