20 August 2012

afternoon at the park

You get some interesting photos when you let the three year old take hold of the camera. But you get some nice ones too.
We went to Kensington Gardens for the afternoon. He with his new wings that I made him and his duck quacker ('whistle' that makes a duck noise when you blow it) so he could be a duck visiting his duck friends. Well, his wings came off before we got to the pond and despite some protest because they were his (though he didn't want to wear them) I wore the wings. Only completely carefree because I had this three year old in tow. We fed the ducks...ducks? Couldn't see any ducks this day. We fed the swans, pigeons, geese and other little birds who would swoop and snatch their opportunity for a snack before the bread hit the ground. Unfortunately the greedy swan was faster than the three year old throwing and a finger got chomped in the process. The whiteys are as bad as the blacks back home. Impatient birds. This was a bit of trauma. Mr Happy helped with the pain and bit of blood but there was lots of talk about 'I didn't want the swan to bite me'. Poor little finger and shocked boy. Some other park users gave me some grains and the pigeons were landing on my hand to peck it all up. Another good shot from the three year old.

We went over to the lawn chairs and sat down briefly. They appear in the public parks in the summer which I thought was a neat idea from the city council. But you see that fluro vest in the back ground wandering over? Apparently you hire their use. Wasn't gonna do that, not that it cost much.
We simply wandered around the park more. I let him take some more photos and then we eventually made our way home. A simple afternoon but pleasantly spent in the sunshine. That's work for me.

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