29 August 2011

sudden change

Usually I have to take time to adjust to changes. I'm a worrier so I am well practised at the art of stressing over possibilities and unknowns. And yet there's a strange part of my character that when hit with a crisis I turn calm and active. It's a splendid quality really.

So on the morning I left for Scotland I was told that my job is no longer available. Since my current occupation is a live-in nanny, that means I have to move out. Thankfully it's not a nasty leaving. They said they've really appreciated my help but a lot of things have changed for them and they just can't keep me employed. Still, it's all so sudden. So jobless and homeless I was and in kicked that calm. Ok, so what do I need to do? I got straight on my computer and emailed Smart Aupairs to get them to start looking for work for me. By the time I trained to London, to Edinburgh, to Glasgow and found the girl I was gonna stay with and got back to her place, I had two family matches and both had written to me saying they were interested in me. Nice start to a sudden crisis-response. My Scotland holiday was interspersed with lots of email checking and writing, phone calls and text messages. Thankfully this did not spoil my holiday. I did what I could and decided to deal with the rest once I got back. Being on a tour in the outer Hebrides helped with that as when I had a chance to pull my phone out I didn't have reception most of the time.
I did however manage to organise an interview for Monday morning (meaning also organising a place to stay in London after my return flight from Scotland). That seemed to go well. I've got a room at a friend's house to live in temporarily though my mobile came with the job so that will be returned and my internet access will be quite limited in the next few weeks. I move out this afternoon so I need to finish up here and get packing.


Mini muffin said...

sorry Kelly to read about your job. Your mum told me about it this morning while we were studing. I will pray that you get a new one soon and one that you like. It does not seem like a realy nice place where you are staying at the moment

Anonymous said...

Hey Kel,

So sorry you lost your job...
You are such a trooper, I would be so freaked out! You have always had such amazing strength!I believe when things like this happen, this is where the real adventure begins.. Who knows whats around the corner for you.. I know it will be great things though!! I'll be thinking of you (and praying).. Keep us updated when you can, I love reading all about your adventures over there!

Lot's a love