10 August 2011

last minute country hopping

So I was told today that I'll be having a week off in two weeks. Unfortunately because the family I work for are taking a holiday to visit a seriously unwell relative. But on my part there's no point me hanging out at the house by myself with so many other countries at my doorstep.

I was thinking about seeing some of England (though it seems not to be the best time for that) but once I found out I had the whole week off my brain got ticking with another idea. I was able to get straight into some research since I was on a break. I decided I'd put off my intended Iceland weekend till early next year and splash out on Scotland. Scotland is one of the places I wanted to visit but also one of the places I didn't want to go to for just a weekend. Best to snatch an opportunity while you can.

Well I found this awesome tour. Six days with a backpacker style tour group that sounds a bit outdoorsy. Sounds like an interesting experience. The tour visits Isle of Skye, Callanais Standing Stones, lots of old old places and Loch Ness to give you a brief summary. Lots of history and lots of scenery for a pretty good price. So I clicked on the calendar to check the date I'm suddenly available for. Booked out. Damn! That's the trouble with short notice holidays. I looked around at some others but this one was the best so I was a bit disappointed. It was exciting just to skim over the itinery and view the few pictures they had. Oh, what the heck! I'll email them. I wrote that I'd love to go on that particular tour and asked if by any chance there's a cancellation in the next few days could they let me know.

I looked at some other sites too for other tour ideas but soon had to get back to work. Later while upstairs putting something away, I thought I'd just quickly check my email. And what do you know? It was SO WORTH the random asking. They had emailed to say they squeezed in one available space!! How unreal is that!? So I made sure I booked it straight away.

So Scotland it is.

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