31 July 2011

global viewing

I've just done something I may never do again.

I've watched a movie series whilst living in three different countries.

It was while I was living in the USA as an aupair that my friend, SuhRa, got me to watch Harry Potter 1, 2 and 3 on dvd for the first time. We then went with friends to an IMAX theatre and watched HP4.

I returned home to Australia where I saw HP5, 6 and 7p1 as they came out.

Today I went and saw the finale, HP7p2, where I'm living on a working holiday visa in England.

The movie was brilliant! On my way there I was deciding how I wanted it to end. I haven't read the final book yet. Starting with the movies in the USA and reading those movies in their book version back in Australia and discovering more wonderful stories and extras, I decided to wait and see each new movie before reading the next book. So now I finally know how it ends. But like I said, on my way there I was deciding who I wanted to be involved in the final fight and survive and how the baddies were going to roll. Delightfully they performed almost exactly as I'd hoped. I think it was fabulously written, intriguingly interlinked with bits and pieces from the other stories with a lovely settled ending. (Yet to read book 7 though.) It left me very satisfied and happy and peaceful.

It was also my first movie in England. Odd to have to travel to another town to see it but I was pleasantly surprised that it cost me only £9 for the train there and back, my movie ticket AND a coco-cola that was at least 500ml. I never bother buying snacks at the movies back home. It's just a waste of money. It was 80p for my drink! Think I'll see some more movies in the future.

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