13 July 2011

falling... ♥

Read a mini article about "Falling in Love" that is published in full in RELEVANT Magazine.

There's nothing wrong with falling in love, being caught up in all the emotion of it. It happens and it's a wonderful thing but I do believe there is simply more to it. If you want a good lasting relationship that is. Emotions can be amazing but they are also the bane of my existance. They are certainly fickle. It's no hidden truth that no matter how passionate and vibrant the emotions attached to love are, they don't stay that way forever. We don't live in a fairytale.

The above mentioned article says, "Feelings are an incredible resource--but they were not meant to stand alone." This accounts for many emotions I think. We choose how we live and respond. To ourselves, to God, to the world around us.

Love, as God created it, was always meant to be associated with action. A verb. It is something we do. A choice. Emotionally supported or not. It's a truth I need to constantly remind myself of. All too easily forgotten in my humanness. This truth goes for any kind of relationship too. How we love our family, our friends, our neighbours, our local strangers, our enemies is just as much a choice as any romantic relationship.

As one who still dreams of "falling in love" (and I am such a dreamer), it is actually a good term to keep in mind. "Falling" is always temporary. The question is will I choose to love beyond the thud when the falling is over?


Viana said...

So true, Kelly. And the part that I find coolest is that when I choose to act in love even when I'm not feeling it, after a few actions, the ooey gooey love feelings often follow :)

Katrina Jade said...

Great stuff, Kelly. Loved your last statement. Powerful and will be sure to stick in my mind. Cuidate mucho y no dejes tu sueno de amor.