28 September 2009

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I knew nothing about the Harry Potter stories until I went to the USA and I great friend I made there, who was really into them, got me watching the movies. I even saw HP5 over there in 3D. I really enjoyed them. So creative and imaginative and well thought out stories. I decided to read the books when I came home to Australia. I decided though to only read the ones I'd seen the movies. This way I enjoyed the movie and then when I read the book I got all these extra bits and other underlying storylines that couldn't be fitted in the movie. I've enjoyed doing it this way. Earlier this year I went and saw HP6. Unfortunately I'm here to report I was disappointed. For someone who hadn't read the book at that stage I found it lacking. It was like two separate stories in one movie. And neither was complete! I felt I had to read the book just to get the full story. The book was good. Though it ends at a bit of a climax so I'm left um-ing and ah-ing as whether to read HP7 before the movie (as well as I've heard that the movie will actually be done as two over two years!)...

Also watched G-Force 3D the other day with a visiting friend. First movie I've seen in full 3D and it was quite good. Our local cinema has recently started 3D viewings and it's really quite effective. And you don't have to wear the red/blue glasses either. The movie itself was rather entertaining too. Cute and funny and an interesting idea. A little nostalgic for me too as we had guinea pigs as pets for years when I was a kid. I didn't quite like the ending though. And like my friend said, the bad guy did give in pretty easily. But for the most part it was entertaining.

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