17 May 2009

today's amusement

This morning...drove myself to work :)... but had trouble getting there and finding a park as various roads were starting to be blocked off. Apparently they are filming a beer commercial in town today. So I worked away and by the time I left people were starting to arrive for the li'l production. Streets are blocked off from 6am-6pm for a little bit of shooting. Filming involves so much work behind the scenes. It always amazes me. When I got home I realised I'd stolen a wallet from work. You see, I clean at the cinemas and I found a wallet while vacuuming and put it in my pocket. When I'm done I leave stuff like that that I find at the boxoffice but I forgot today. I called the cinema to let them know I'd found it and would drop it in this arvo. So after church I ventured back into town and managed to find a park after a while. (Filming still going on made this difficult.) On my walk to the cinema I see the tram coming down the street...on wheels...odd sight. Didn't know we had one. It clanged it's bell and I noticed there were balloons and kids waving inside. So I waved back. Must be a party hire thing coz we don't have trams in my city. Soon I'll be heading off to visit my 2yo nephew. It's his birthday today!


Tab said...

What about Trams around the lake?? Don't they have them anymore? I wish Ballarat still had trams. My grandpa worked on the Ballarat trams in the 1970's

kelgell said...

Oh though still have them on occasion...the ones at the lake. But they don't really count. They rarely come out and barely go anywhere. I think it would be great if they still had trams up and down sturt st.