29 May 2009


I need to post again. I don't like having too big a break between when i last posted. And I'm sure there are things to tell. Hmmm....let's see....

Oh I should tell you about some humour from work. I was at one of my nanny jobs the other day and the kids were playing "Find the Elephant". One would close their eyes and the other would hide a toy elephant which the other then had to search for. They did this over and over again and whenever the 4yo would hide the elephant and tell his 2yo sister to find it, he'd call her over and point to where it was and then laugh and cheer saying she found it. And then when it was her turn she would hide it in exactly the same spot he did. Hilarious!

Later that day they both had the greatest time. Laughing their heads off. We were just being silly. The 4yo started it. "You're a cupboard." I just played along. "Well you're a kettle." Crazy laughter. "You're tomato." "OH! And you're a banana!" And we carried on for a good 10 mins. I love how easy they are to entertain at times. The simplest things can be the funnest.

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