03 August 2007

longest stretch ever

I just finished working my longest stretch ever...so far at least.With my host dad (camp doctor) and B away at camp and my host mum away overnight to join her sister in greeting her new baby through surrogacy, I just worked 33hrs straight caring for the two younger boys. But it went pretty well. We played at parks and they ate well for me. We went swimming in our pool yesterday arvo and that was fun. Their grandparents took us out to McDonalds for tea. They were tired and went to bed fairly easily. It took a little while to get them to sleep. Y went to sleep without his binky (dummy) for the first time I've known of. I was concerned about T waking up in the night as he can get paranoid about being alone. I thought he might freak if he went into his parents room in the middle of the night and found they weren't there. But he was ok. He did wake up and get up but he also went back to his bed. And it took him a while to get back to sleep. Meanwhile I trudged up the stairs three times to check on him and reassured him. We had a nice casual day today. T and I caught little butterflies to feed to Croaker and he enjoyed them. We played hide n' seek and Y napped and we read books and stuff like that. They mostly behaved well. Even used their manners more today. Now I have a few days off.

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