05 August 2007

san francisco zoo

Last Friday SuhRa invited me to go with her and her three kids to the San Francisco Zoo since I had the day off. I haven't been yet so I accepted. We got in for free since her family has a membership card. SuhRa's charges are 9yo J, 6yo M and 1.5yo K. They know me pretty well since I go to SuhRa's place often. It was a fun adventure--funny to see the kangaroos and koalas and emus in an enclosure as a spectacle. The bears were cool. Aparantly their area is new and while we were watching them the two of them started fighting/playing right on the other side of the glass where we were standing. Quite entertaining. There's heaps to see there. We didn't see it all. K got too tired and we were hungry so we went to a nearby restaurant for a late lunch. It was good to join them and see the zoo.

The Golden Gate under heavy fog and SuhRa with her charges

The bears at play and SuhRa and K watching the bears up close

me, J and M and an anteater and a meerkat

Just off the GGbridge heading north and further into Marin County the weather changes and the traffic gets compacted on a Friday afternoon

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