24 May 2014

sketch club satisfaction

When I last worked in Sydney, I came across a Sketch Club online that sounded like fun so I joined the group.  Unfortunately my job ended sooner than planned and I moved out of the city.  March this year brought me back again and I immediately rejoined.  I've been to three gatherings so far now and I'm looking forward to more.  Today we went to the Botanical Gardens and it was the perfect day for it.  For only just over a week til winter officially clocks in it was delightfully sunny and warm.  A cosy 25°C and being surrounded by an amazing variety of nature with sketchbook and supplies in hand it was a calmly blissful day.  I arrived late but I stayed late too.  I found and wandered around the Botanica exhibition where we were due to meet and then went wandering, sketching and chatting with other sketchers I came across.  After sketching happily for a couple of hours we always get together for a bit of 'show and tell'.  We lay out our sketches from the day and have a look at what everyone did.  Some of the talent is simply amazing.  I love looking at all the different styles and what people chose to sketch and get ideas and inspiration.  Then we usually have some lunch together.  Today most of us sat on a grassy patch and picnicked.  People leave as they wish, or go sketch some more or sit around talking.  I chatted with some ladies for quite a while until they left and then sketched a little longer before making for home myself.  It makes a great little outing and the organiser has so many interesting ideas for locations and experiences.  I'm so glad I found this group to go sketching with.  Fun and practice and learning.

My own talent is increasing and broadening as I practice and explore.  These are my sketches from today.

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