21 January 2013

circus sunday

I met Stephanie at the tube station this afternoon and we went for a little walk.  First time ever that I've used an umbrella in the snow.  Though snow doesn't tend to fall in one direction so I still kept getting flakes in my face.  Still, it's a bit of a treat.  Don't see much snow in Australia and certainly not in the cities.  It's nice when it's fresh anyway.  Not so much as it's fading and walked all over and transforming into sludge.  

We stepped into Kensington Gardens for a few quick snaps before continuing on to where our tickets were leading us....  To the Royal Albert Hall.  First time going there too.  Also a first time to see what we'd been looking forward to since we booked the tickets last month.  Kooza, a production from Cirque du Soleil.  We knew we were in for a treat.

 And it didn't disappoint.  It was fabulous.  I was entertained, amazed, made to laugh, thrilled, astonished and gasping in my seat.  I was absolutely amazed by the bendy women.  He he.  Can bodies really bend that much??  They are so strong and extremely flexible.  It's astonishing what positions they could get there bodies into.  One woman set just her chest, shoulders and arms on the floor and then had her feet run in circles around her.  There was lots of balancing involved too throughout the show.  Balancing on chairs, on tightrope, on bikes on tightrope, on shoulders...  Doing flips on stilts.  Being seasaw launched into the air on a single stilt to do flips and land.  Being seasaw flipped onto a man's shoulders who was standing on another man's shoulders.  Tricks with hulahoops.  Tricks on a trapeze swing.  Clowing about.  Magic tricks.  Have I left anything out...?  My favourite part--the part that had me gasping in my seat--was two guys on this amazing spinning gadget.  Think a long pole with a circle on each end and the whole thing spun from the centre of the pole.  Round and round.  One guy inside each of the circles walking, running, jumping to keep it spinning and them upright.  Sometimes walking on the outside, partly falling as their circle dropped from the peak arching round to the bottom and making its way up again.  Even skipping on the outside.  It was awesome.  They're all amazingly clever and talented.  What hard work!  Yet so entertaining.  It was worth it and I'm glad I made sure I got a ticket.

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