28 July 2012

olympic beginnings

It's Friday evening, 27th July, 2012 and I'm sitting in a lounge...er, sitting room...in England watching the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games 2012. I'm actually living in the Olympic Game city this time round. So far it's pretty spectacular and impressive. As always.

Today I was flicking through a massive book that had newspaper clippings from the twentieth century and check out what I found. From the Olympic Games in 1904, the third round of the modern olympics. What an entertaining event! Why is this one no longer in the olympics?And talk about drama. Ha ha.
Enjoy the London 2012 games.

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Anonymous said...

It certainly is an exciting time to be in London!
Hehehe…I laughed when I read the article about the marathon. Catching a ride on a lorry? Brilliant!
I also saw a poster up in a subway that said in the 40s, Australian rower (can't remember his name) won the gold medal despite stopping to let a family of ducks go past! Ah, it wouldn't be the games without some drama.