12 January 2012

work with a plan

I found a letter for me on the table when I went downstairs after everyone had gone this morning. A lengthy letter from my boss. Worry instantly kicked in--even as it started with "Firstly, we want to write to you and say how well we think things are working out" followed by specifics. I need to stop being so harsh on myself and always expecting it to be bad news. With a new little one due to arrive in May, this year is going to be different and so this letter explained how they thought it will work best.

So the plan is five or so weeks after the baby is born (when the extra newborn-help leaves), my hours (and pay) would increase to help get the boy ready for nursery in the mornings. When the mum goes back to work in September, they hope to get full time help. This they assumed would not suit me so unless I indicate otherwise they would hire someone new. It also laid out when I will have some time off to travel which includes three separate weeks with a couple weeks of being on an island holiday with them (that one working). I love how clearly my boss lays it all out. There's no surprises or unmet hidden expectations.

When we spoke tonight she asked me what I thought about all that was in the letter. I said it all sounds really good to me. I also "indicated otherwise". Some more experience with under-ones will be good. Full time will be long days but they will be the last five months of my visa after which I will be able to afford to take the scenic route home. It also means I don't have to look for other work for just a few months as I was intending to stay at least until 2013 so I could holiday further north and get a white Christmas. When I told her I was interested, she said that that was the best news ever. Yay! So lovely to know I'm so appreciated not just because I'm helpful but they really like me as their nanny. I'm all happy!


Viana said...

Oh yay Kel, that is so awesome! Great to know that you're appreciated and wanted, and to have a boss who works in a style that suits you! :D Nice to be able to have a definite plan for the rest ofthe time there tto, so you can properly plan holidays/excursions. What a good letter!

Dad & Mum said...

A really good letter. Great that you and the family get on well together. Glad you're happy about it. Full time from September will make it easier to go to USA on your way home, and maybe other trips.