11 December 2011

pictures from home

I was wonderfully surprised to find three parcels in the mail yesterday, all addressed to me! Best of all was the one that wasn't something I ordered. ;)

It was a Christmas present from my sister which is sitting on my window sill while I work on getting it all Christmasy. I think I'll open it early since I know what it is. . .having chosen the yarn for her to weave. Included in the parcel though was the most delightful pictures I've seen in months. Yes, mostly scribbles but being away from home missing my sister's little ones growing up, receiving some drawings from them is the highlight of my week.
I was laughing and most impressed with my 4yo nephew's drawing. He's getting really good. Such a detailed picture with lots of imagination. I love it. The best part was reading the huge description my sister wrote on the back of his explaination. It's all about fighting monsters in the tavern protecting the innkeeper. Swordfights, the big flying boss, a special red bubble that makes monsters inside it fight each other, axes, bashers... My nephew is the squarehead who is healing the zapping tower. Such a little gamer. He he he.


smcwilliam said...

Ha! They are really cute picture! It must have been great to get some mail from home, but sad missing them grow up. They do it so fast at that age. I guess I'll find out what it is like soon enough. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for the postcard, christmas card and photo! The kids were really excited to hear from you and we have had a great time reading your blog and checking out the photos. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, love Sue, Ronnie, Wil and Ella