14 February 2011

pasta dessert

I cooked up the last of my chocolate pasta last night. Shared it with the others in the house. I made a marshmallow sauce with marshmallows, cream and vanilla essence which was super sweet and runnier than I had imagined. I mixed in some berries to counter all the sweetness too. It wasn't too bad but I still think chocolate pasta is a let down. There are other desserts that are so much more chocolatey than this. It really does taste like plain pasta with a hint of chocolate. Interesting to try.

That was the last of the gluten consumption for a while. My body has been wierd for a while now and bloating has become an all too common occurance. I got tested for coeliacs last week (as you have to be eating gluten to test for it) and those results came back fine. So now I'm testing for an intollerance. And the only way to test is by not eating it for a period of time and see if my body gets happier. We'll see how I go. I'm hoping I'll lose some weight as a by product coz I have to think a lot more about what I eat and I can't just eat anything. Gluten is in lots of stuff. The only gluten consumed today--to my knowledge--was in the ice cream I ate and THEN checked the ingredients list. (Glucose syrup from wheat). Tonight I'm gonna try a gluten free bread mix in the parents' bread maker. Maybe toast for breakfast? At least I have some gluten free chocolate cake to share at home group. :)

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