30 June 2010

roaring party

I turned 30 a month ago today! (Yes, I'm finally blogging about my celebration.) So the night before my birthday I invited my family and friends to come and help me see out my 20s in 'roaring' style. I set up the hall like a jazz club--tables up the back to sit around, mood lighting, room to dance and jazz, swing and blues grooving across it all. I asked my guests to dress to suit the 1920s and they did a fabulous job. I'm so pleased. I had a Charlie Chaplain movie playing and also had a dance instructor come and give us some lessons for dances from that era. My wonderful friend, Heather, made a toast to me later and we at the most scrumptious individual birthday cupcakes. (Choc mud cake with choc mousse in the middle and caramel icing!) It was a lovely evening and it was lots of fun to party out my twenties in style.

Click on any photo for a closer view.
My 20s have rolled on out and a new decade is here for the writing...

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