31 May 2010

end of autumn

Work was good for a laugh today. I'm often amused by the way kids' minds work.

I was sitting outside with the boys this afternoon. Two was riding his new bike in circles. When he stopped right in front of me I filled him up with petrol and asked for some money. He thought that was a fun game and came back a few times for more. The last time he came back I filled him up asked for money just the same as the other times.
"I don't have any money," Two replied this time.
"No money? What are you going to do? You can't have petrol without paying," I said. He just repeated that he had no money.
"Hmm," I said thoughtfully, "Do you have a card we can put it on?" So he pulled out his 'card' and I swiped that and got him to enter his numbers.
Now I wonder what made him decide to say he didn't have money that time? He he.

Later I was jumping on the trampoline with them. That was a bit of fun coz it was almost completely covered with autumn leaves and we were throwing them around. I was singing a song...well, a familiar tune simply repeating the word 'jump' over and over. And jumping whilst I did of course. They were laughing; thoroughly enjoying being double-bounced and tumbling down. At the end I'm puffing but of course as soon as I stop they ask for more.
"You jump while I catch my breath," I suggested.
Four grasped at the air and then open his hands to me saying, "Here's your breath."
I laughed, 'took' the air and breathed it in deeply.

An active and amusing crisp autumn afternoon. A nice way to end the season. Tomorrow winter officially begins.

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