26 January 2009

room to reorganize

I had trouble sleeping the other night coz I foolishly looked at a bunch of creative blogs just before bed that got my creative mind buzzing. Amongst all my imagining of ideas, I decided I should really reorganise my room. Last night I got measuring and drew up a plan on my computer so I could shuffle things about until they worked. This is the plan...

So hopefully I'll get things moved this morning so you'll walk into my bedroom and then can move around the end of my bed into my "studio". He he. Down the left side of my room I have my desk (which will be removed of computer to create a larger work area), sewing cabinet and art shelves. Then there is my computer which will sit on a smaller table that Matt is going to give me from his room (coz he's been working on a desk anyway). So my electrical stuff will be in one area (I only have one double powerpoint so that's good) and my chair can easily move between my desk, my sewing machine and my computer. I'm so excited!!! Space to live and space to create.

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